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Each order contributes to our tree planting initiative


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Let our driver bring the items to our cleaning hub, then sit back and relax whilst we do the hard work, before returning them to you


Each order placed and completed, contributes to our TREE PLANTING innitiative


Enjoy your cleaned clothes, with a fresh scent, and watch your forest grow!

About Us

This is our story

The Natural Laundry has been established to build on 30 years of successful existence as a traditional Dry Cleaners & Laundry, and transforming into an eco & environmentally friendly Eco-Smart Dry Cleaner

Starting with the removal of harmful chemicals from the production processes within both the Dry Cleaning and Laundry business units, we only use non-harmful, environmentally friendly products to clean all your belongings.

In addition we strive to use only planet friendly packaging for all your goods, with most items returned in bags that are not only bio-degradable, but also made of recycled material. Where we have not yet found suitable biodegradable material for packaging, we encourage you REUSE or RECYCLE (i.e. Duvet Bags & Coat Hangers)

Our Place an Order, Plant A Tree service will contribute a % of our sales each month to plant trees that focus on protecting clean water sources, helping to protect our planet.

Greener. Cleaner. Fresher.

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Always friendly, always faster than I expect. Definitely recommend.
Lauren W
Good friendly service!
Sue C.
Spot on or is that off!
Alan P.
Used them for years. Always great service. Would recommend.
Mark S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your detergents & chemicals planet friendly?

Yes they are! We use three separate systems in our cleaning hub. On the specialised cleaning we use the lagoon system by the Swedish Boffins at Electrolux which carefully manages not only the detergents & softeners, but also the water & energy consumptions based on the loading of the machines. On heavier Household items such as duvets & toppers we use a locally sourced cleaning solution that works in a similar way to the lagoon, but with slightly reformulated chemistry to be better suited to clean these items Finally on the on the standard laundry side we use another UK sourced product fronm Bio-D, that is a non-Bio produc & not tested on animals, nor does any harm to the planet.

What is Place an Order & Plant a Tree?

Whoever you are, wherever you live, you need access to clean water. And yet, for an increasing number of people, access to drinking water is not a given. Trees help. They prevent soil erosion from polluting rivers and streams. They release water through their leaves, driving rainfall. Their roots loosen the earth, helping it absorb and filter rainwater, which, in turn, feeds underground reservoirs. That's why we partner with local communities to plant trees around critical water sources – along the banks of the Daka river in Ghana, surrounding aquifers in Mexico, and next to water catchments in Kenya. The result? Cleaner, more abundant water – and healthier, happier people.